Brief Update

A project log for ESPLux - Smarts for your downlights

A circuit you can place inline with your existing low voltage lights to allow for wireless control

MattMatt 08/17/2015 at 13:360 Comments

Hi everyone,

I'm down in Adelaide for the week for work, so time is fairly limited for me. This is just a brief update on where I am at, and what my next steps are.

I'm currently playing around with OpenHab, checking out the best way to integrate ESPLux into it. I have a document describing the API for ESPLux on my GitHub here: Commands.pdf. I've got my home theatre set up in OpenHa, so I'll probably set up an ESPLux box behind the TV and set up a bit of accent lighting for my home theatre as a small demo.

I've also been playing around with how to reduce the amount of heat generated by the rectification process. There are a few things I am looking into. First up is active rectification. It uses a bunch of mosfets and a handful of jellybean parts. I really like the idea of this, but it does introduce complexity that isn't there in the current design. I like the current designs simplicity, but I need to weigh up my options here, see what route I'd like to take.

As an addition to altering the rectification circuit, I'd like the ability to have a DC only version, which will negate the need for any rectification at all. Hopefully I can implement this on the same layout. When you are dealing with just DC, this will save a fair bit on the overall BOM, so I believe this is a worthwhile cause.

Again, sorry for the lack of updates. Once this week is up, hopefully I can post some meaningful progress on both OpenHab and the rectification stuff.