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pastcomputepastcompute 08/30/2015 at 09:390 Comments

I ran the refactored leaf node overnight and logged about 12 hours of data.

This test was only over a few metres so not exciting from a RF perspective.

But the good thing is it never locked up once.

The chart shows the overnight air pressure and temperature in my lab.

On the couple of occasions I checked the temperature was pretty close to our wall thermometer, but I need to look into how to properly calibrate with the BMP180, because 1024 hPa equates to below sea level using the Adafruit library :-/

I am sure I have a bug in the primary node MQTT setup, for some reason the messages received by the logging process are somehow delayed by one message from when the RF is handled by the bridge. This is ultimately impacting reliability, showing up as of leaf node 582 cycles only 73% ended up logged by the MQTT subscriber.

This evening hooked the leaf node into my netbook and went for a walk. Though the system presently uses 2.4g wifi rubber ducky antenna, I was able to operate through two stone walls and a copse of large gum trees, out to about 100m which is pretty cool, so I can't wait to see how far these modules will travel with a proper yagi, clear line of sight and extra error correction bits.