An inexpensive way to connect a large area to the internet.

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Bigger description forthcoming, once I have time to write it.

The point of this project is very simple. How to connect a large swath of land to the internet very cheaply and quickly. The answer is a "mesh network." This network would be composed of a number of interconnected nodes, each simultaneously broadcasting and receiving wifi. This makes each node not only able to connect to the internet, but also to expand the network. There are two types of nodes.

1. PC node. This is just a computer with a special wifi card that can host a network and receive from another network. This will:
A: Give the PC wifi
B: Give surrounding PCS the ability to connect to wifi
C: Expand the network

2. Standalone node. This is for something like a classroom, or office. It will have an ethernet port, and two wifi cards. This inexpensive node will not only extend the network, but also provide ethernet and wifi for surrounding computers. A good choice for trying to get lots of desktops online

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mathman47 wrote 03/24/2016 at 08:43 point

BTW, this has been done, quite well, by ham radio operators.  See:     Sorry, good idea, but since this is already done so well, I hope you've gone on to bigger or better things. Maybe you could improve upon what's already out there?

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