There was a Quadro 2000 on CL so.....

A project log for Hydra Multi OS Gaming Console & Controller

This is a game console sized Hydra with a single GPU, running SteamOS, Win7 & Android x86 KitKat. Gameplay & mgmt via modular controller

ericeric 08/03/2015 at 20:001 Comment

I jumped on it. The nice Guy had the 2000, an FX-1800 & FX-580, gave me all 3 for $50.

The Quadro 2000 happens to have audio, so I ditched the FX-3800 and the USB-SPDIF complicated hokey workaround.

It works flawlessly in the Win7 VM. All I had to do was DL the drivers and it's done. Say what you want about M$, but probably more hardware works EASILY there than anywhere else.

Screen up on Android & SteamOS, they both see the audio device but no sound........

I'm in Alsa & Pulsaudio hell, & crashing my browser from too many tabs open trying to fix this.
But I think it's still better... .

Also, with the FX-3800, the only way I could run the Android VM was by rebooting the Host. I don't know why ( I have my suspicions) but it has to be the first VM booted after stealing the GPU from the Host. Win7 & SteamOS run anytime.

With the Quadro 2000, the Android VM can be first, or it can run after Win7 or after SteamOS. I can't reboot it, I would have to run Win7 or SteamOS first. Not Ideal, but certainly better. Better enough to fight with Alsa & Pulsaudio.....

Little bonus is the 2000 has no extra power connector & is a shorter card. Seems to perform in Wolfenstein about the same. I suppose the system should be designed to accommodate a long card that needs power, so I don't really gain much here.

Also, now the Oculus Rift works on it.


lucchoiniere wrote 07/01/2016 at 14:05 point

Dear Eric 

I am looking to find information about two pins connector cable (and voltage
pin out )for NVdia QUADRO FX 1800 or and NVIDIA QUADRO FX 3800
computer video card, can you help me, voltage pin out  ?  where can I buy it  cable name    part #   lucchoiniere  at    hot  m a il . c om   thank you very much for your help  

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