Log 1 - Camera

A project log for [CAD Software] Concept Sketching in 3D

To produce an quick to learn CAD software for quick concept sketching in 3D space, think sketching your ideas on a napkin in 3d.

TAIBHSE DESIGNSTAIBHSE DESIGNS 03/27/2015 at 22:560 Comments

Core to all 3D CAD software is the view camera, how it orbits, rotates, zooms in and out, essentially how it allows you to view the model in which you are interacting with. Various CAD software implement this slightly differently, I'll likely talk about this more in future logs. The following is a demo video of how the camera in my software test is working so far. I have it capable of orbiting around the model, zooming in and out, the next piece to implement is the ability to move the focus around.