A hybrid digital/analog polyphonic synthesizer implemented with modern microcontrollers

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This project isn't real. Well, that's not true, but it's important. The project's aim is only partially to complete a finished synth - it's primarily a vehicle for me to learn a lot of theory and technique and to understand the workings of synthesizers and my other things better.

Anyway, regarding the synth itself - the idea is to have a modular design (in the broader sense not a "modular synth" of the traditional variety) with a cpu controlling a number of voice boards for multi-timbrality / polyphony. This will effective be a superset of my other project, uMono, which is a single-voice version of the synth. I won't be updating this project much until I get somewhere with uMono!

The inspiration comes from early hybrid synths such as the PPG Wave and Prophet VS.

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