Weather Station Main PCB

A project log for Low Cost Weather Station

Wireless weather station, powered by the sun and wind it intends to measure, below $50.

Ulf WinbergUlf Winberg 09/16/2015 at 20:050 Comments

Finally I was able to complete the design of the main PCB I want to use! It is not complex, but since I wanted to make it small and make sure all unused IOs were available for additional external sensors, the routing took some effort.

There are four header pin connectors, with the following functions, starting from the left in the first picture:

  1. Solar cell (sun sensing and charging)
  2. Wind vane (wind direction sensing)
  3. UART (connection to external PCB for UART, JTAG and external power, see older post)
  4. I/O (Analog and digital lines not already used, to allow add-on sensors)

There is a large area to the left, which is reserved for the super capacitor, and next to it is a reset button (useful if bluetooth connection needs to be reset). I also added a header pin close by to allow current measurement. That will be handy when the current consumptions is to be optimized. The last header pin (J3) is to allow over-the-air update of the software. Can be extremely useful if the weather station is already placed outside.

As always you can find the source files from the git repository link.

(3D pictures below made using online tool at