Mechanical Parts

A project log for Low Cost Weather Station

Wireless weather station, powered by the sun and wind it intends to measure, below $50.

Ulf WinbergUlf Winberg 09/16/2015 at 20:340 Comments

A weather station is worth nothing without proper mechanical parts... Therefore, I decided to learn how to use FreeCAD. For this first prototype I ended up with four separate parts:

  1. Main enclosure (contains the main PCB and solar cell)
  2. Arm for connection to middle rod
  3. Connection piece between middle rod and computer fan part
  4. Anemometer for wind speed detection and energy

For the middle rod, I intend to use a metal pipe from an old IKEA bed I had laying arond. That could be printed as well or bought somewhere (the outer diameter is 10 mm and inner about 9 mm).

I took special care to make the parts printable (see future post on how successful I was).