TYOS 0.5.6: Bug Fixes + Dev Release

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DIY Smartphone using Raspberry Pi A+, Camera, TFT, and Adafruit FONA with custom mobile OS.

Tyler SpadgenskeTyler Spadgenske 05/23/2016 at 22:150 Comments

Its been awhile, but its finally time for a TYOS update. Whats inside? Bug fixes.

Changes to the Camera App

Other Fixes

How to Update

  1. Remove old build of TYOS: sudo rm -rf tyos
  2. Download new version: wget
  3. unzip: unzip
  4. Rename: mv TYOS-0.5.6 tyos
  5. Run: sudo python tyos/src/

Developer Release!

Although I am no longer developing new features @Helmar has been working on his own fork of TYOS. He added a Radio app, that allows the user to listen to FM radio, and a volume settings app that allows the user to change the volume, ring tone, and more all within TYOS. He also made some changes to the time and battery settings to suit his own needs. Its still a little buggy, but if you are looking for some new features please try it out. Note that if you are having trouble I may not be able to help you as I did not write the code.

How To Install

1. Remove standard version of TYOS:

sudo rm -rf /home/pi/tyos

2. Clone new version:

git clone

3. Run!

sudo python tyos/src/