New Parts!

A project log for NeoPixel SmartWatch

A first attempt at a wearable that interacts with Android notifications and has a few other neat features.

dominicDominic 04/08/2015 at 01:410 Comments

With my Flora still malfunctioning, I ordered a Trinket Pro and some other goodies. The Trinket Pro has a smaller form factor than the Flora, allowing the BT module to sit beside instead of on top of it. The main reason I went with the Trinket instead of an Arduino Pro Mini was due to it's usb programming capabilities; necessary since I didn't want to spend more money on an FTDI to USB cable. I also bought a SI1145 uv/visible/ir sensor. This communicates over I2C and allows the watch to have auto-brightness which is a feature I figured would make a huge difference when using the watch at night or outdoors. A photoresistor would have probably done the job too, but I was worried about it's accuracy in low light. For a couple more bucks it's cool to have UV and IR sensing capabilities as well. Lastly I bought an Adafruit battery backpack, allowing me to charge the Lipo over usb without unplugging it.