16th August - Further work

A project log for Smart Dew-Point Water Harvester

Harvesting clean drinking water from sunshine.

Robert HartRobert Hart 08/16/2015 at 10:580 Comments

I'm quite sure there could be many improvements in the condensation side, but it's a prototype that works with a mixture of hacked off-the-shelf parts. Its all about using a 0 to 200W DC supply that is highly variable (solar) and storing coolant to use at a better time of the day. The filter is both for particulates and to drop air pressure suddenly inside the vessel forcing moisture out of the air coming in.

The design also crudely creates turbulence (vortex) around the condenser coil, this could do with some work. Other areas of improvement include: Insulating the vessel and a smaller condenser coil as the liquid coolant heats back up to room temperature quickly ~4-6 hours. The vessel design could be improved to increase the time air is around the condenser coil. The coolant storage tank could also be larger and also have better insulation.