Temperature Humidity Sensor added

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Will WhangWill Whang 04/10/2015 at 11:520 Comments

I have reserved for two type of temp&humid sensor IC on PCB ,one is SHT2X and Ti's HDC1000

originally I wanna to use HDC1000, but I find out that I place the IC too close to the mount hole,

so I turn to HTU21D

The sensor worked, but it is slowly heated by other parts on board, I'm not sure which component nearby is generating heat. But the final result is that sensor will heated to about 32 degree C after one hour, and stay at that temperature.

The sensor's placement is already near the drill hole for battery switch, but still influence by something on PCB, so maybe I'll just drill another one at the back, and put the sensor inside then pull out the I2C bus to main board to eliminate possible heating component.

22 degree C / 67% related humidity.