A project log for BrailleRap STEAM

A vision to create a Braille map for Visually Impaired people.

Ananya PriyaAnanya Priya 02/13/2018 at 15:050 Comments

There were three experiments which were done while making the braille map

- Laser Etching

We tested if visually impaired people can feel the ditches made by laser etching. The tangible feedback was not as accurate as needed so we cancelled this idea and moved on to the other one.

- 3D Printing

We did a trial of 3D printing walls and braille text. We canned the idea because of small build volumes and need of intensive calibration for printing braille text.

- Laser cut elevations

Finally we used the technique called Laser cut elevation, where we laser cut our entire floor plan on 2.5mm thick MDF and stuck it on the top of another MDF sheet.

The feedback that we got while testing was very accurate.