Circuitry - Starting with electronics (Day 2-Morning)

A project log for DIY Prosthetic Socket

Human Machine Interface (Arm)

atharvshringaregtatharvshringaregt 02/13/2018 at 09:130 Comments

This Tuesday morning we had to start with the electronics required for the functioning of the Prosthetic hand. We started by looking at existing components.

We started to make the circuitry as per the scheme A and scheme B documents. Every component was in working condition, so we started by making the smartphone charging  function and it worked.

Although this was successful, we could not get the function of the circuit to be able to charge the batteries due to a voltage difference of the input (5 V) and the battery (3.7 V). 

So currently we are still trying to figure out a solution to this problem via research and discussions.