LIGHTBLUE BEAN - adding bluetooth to the mouse

A project log for Wireless Batteryless Mouse

It is a computer mouse free of batteries and free of cables. No need of USB connection and no special mousepad as well!.

Clovis FritzenClovis Fritzen 05/05/2015 at 01:520 Comments

Hello guys, how are you today?

A quick update on my mouse project: I have made test on it controlling my laptop's mouse, and it works! The sketch I have used is the standard #Teensy mouse-controller, modified to get position reference from a MMA7361 accelerometer!. It is still very rough and jumpy (no smooth mouse-pointer movement yet), but I am working on code for that.

This week's hackaday giveaway is about the LightBlue Bean, a [BLE+ Arduino Uno] board; I am very sure this product is what I need to prototype my project: a controller to read the accelerometer (Arduino) + Bluetooth BLE to send commands to a computer!.

What you guys think of that? any ideas, suggestion? Just comment below :) . And see you next time