3D printed case - the beginning

A project log for Wireless Batteryless Mouse

It is a computer mouse free of batteries and free of cables. No need of USB connection and no special mousepad as well!.

Clovis FritzenClovis Fritzen 05/16/2015 at 02:040 Comments

Good evening guys, how are you doing today?

I am making great advances with my wireless-batteryless mouse project: even started designing a 3D-printed case for it!. I decided that I will be working both hardware and software in paralell, due to my will to see this beauty working. Turns out that this week's #HaD prize giveaway are 3D printing gift-cards!. There is nothing like good ideas meeting good incentives.

For you guys to see what I have done so far: I have started learning how to use "123D design" to draw my mouse case; the base models I utilized came from the 123D design software online library itself ( The internal PCB can be found here and the mouse case is here.

The actual 3D files I made are publicly available in this link for everyone to look at and use!.