soldering. the physical part

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Open Source bluetooth enabled IMU with SPI expansion slots. Track any motion

LukaszLukasz 05/31/2015 at 20:430 Comments

So we got our boards manufactured and delivered just before the weekend. We decided to visit our local fablab in Lodz to have enough space and non-disturbed time to get this over with. Unfortunately time flies and we only managed to solder one 9+DOF board and a few smaller ones with MS5611, MS5803 and BMP280 pressure sensors.

nRF51822 board fits perfectly, but we also found a flaw on our PCB. Seems like double checking board design isn't enough. The W25Q256FV Eagle layout we found somewhere on the internet does not match the physical part. We haven't soldered this component and will have to make bypass connectors. :-/

Now for the test phase ...