Moving Project to Git/Github (?)

A project log for SerialPlot - Realtime Plotting Software

Small and simple software for plotting data from serial port

hasan-yavuz-zderyaHasan Yavuz Ă–zderya 05/31/2021 at 20:111 Comment

I'm considering moving this project to git. There has been a few requests. Not many. But I feel like reason is that people just don't request such things unless a project is really really popular. Actually there has been a git repository at github for quite some time. But I did not update it. I only kept it for visibility and as another place for people to create tickets.

From now on; I will keep github repository up to date which is at:

I enjoy using mercurial even though I don't have much opportunity to do so. For a while I will keep using both git and mercurial. There is a mercurial extension called hggit that makes this relatively easy and pain free. For git users there should be no drawbacks.

To be honest if git repository turns into something popular I will probably stop using mercurial altogether.


hongxuyao wrote 06/07/2021 at 13:08 point

I like the project, it's usefull for me. Good job, thankyou!

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