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A project log for Single chip game console

The simple DIY retro game controller with PIC MCU which generates VGA signal, music and sound effects

Voja AntonicVoja Antonic 06/07/2015 at 10:410 Comments

The projects was mostly finished a few monts before I started following HaD, so I described everything in Project Details. There is only thing left, it is bootstrap routine, which will enable firmware distribution of updates and new games. I will surely add it here, as soon as I do it.

I like PC24E (33E) product group, it is well balaced, but I am sorry that in this group there are no processors with more Data RAM. Some 24F MCUs have 96K RAM but they are too slow, some 32 MCUs have even much more, but they have complete different architecture and instruction set. I think that this game console could be much better with about 256K RAM. Not only game console, but also machine vision projects, which are also my point of interest.