What did we bring to the hackathon?

A project log for picorico

An open source telemetry system using downhill mountain biking as an inspiration.

chris-hoeyChris Hoey 05/06/2015 at 02:290 Comments

Being a hardware project we had to bring a ton of equipment with us to be sure everything we needed was available. I had a rough idea of what it would take to build a prototype but went on the side of caution and over packed. To get to the hackathon was quite a challenge itself. I rode my 55 pound downhill bike 2 miles to the LIRR with a 61 pound internal frame backpack filled with tools and a 14 pound backpack strapped to that pack. I should have planned that better by gradually bringing things in during the week and stashing them at Datadog HQ which is only a few blocks from the Manhattan Center. Besides being so heavy and clumsy it also turned out that I was traveling with the crowds of people going to MSG for the Rangers playoff game. Made for an interesting ride. Anyway I made it, met up with Dorian and we got the bike and all of our gear in.

Here are a few pictures of what I brought: