Glove Entry 1- Project Goals

A project log for Wearable Computer Rig & Powerglove Mouse

Inspired by Martin Magnusson's wearable computer, I've refined the display, and modified a Nintendo Powerglove to be the complete interface!

Scott SScott S 05/08/2015 at 16:160 Comments

Original Glove:

Completed Glove project:

To start things off:

I didn't start writing this how-to while I made the wearable computer project. I've taken a series of photos in order to approximate the procedure in which I made everything. Also I will try to summarize my thought process as I progressed.

Now, as I don't have much experience with making electronics projects, some of my methods might be a bit brute force, or in retrospect, could have been simplified in other ways.

As the wearable computer rig project has multiple segments, I will be making writeups for them in the order that I made them:

1- Powerglove

2- Heads up display

3- "Computer box"

My main design goal with the modified powerglove was to connect to a Raspberry Pi, or any computer using a USB-A connector, and have vaguely ergonomic left/right clicking, mouse movement, and intuitive keyboard functions.

My initial plan to meet that goal was to:

•Keep the bend sensors in the fingers, but modify their use by using the mouse & keyboard libraries in an Arduino Micro to enable ergonomic left/right click functions.

• Add something under the thumb to allow ergonomic and precise mouse control. Whatever it needs to be must be retractable in order for the powerglove user to use their hand normally when they are not using the glove as a computer interface device.

•Add something to ensure that when the user is not actively using the glove, stop any accidental input.

• Remove the forearm "gamepad", and add a bluetooth keyboard

• Completely remove the existing infrared led/led sensor functionality, as I don't need it, but keep the forward-facing external sensors to keep it looking "stock-ish"