Glove 6- Boom arm mounting

A project log for Wearable Computer Rig & Powerglove Mouse

Inspired by Martin Magnusson's wearable computer, I've refined the display, and modified a Nintendo Powerglove to be the complete interface!

Scott SScott S 05/17/2015 at 03:470 Comments

To mount the boom arm to the glove, I bent a decent size piece of aluminum to hold the powerglove's forearm-fitting plastic piece. I made another bracket to attach to both the hinge and the main aluminum bracket. These brackets fit right into the glove, and are held in by 4-40 nuts and a backing plate. I stuck two strips of imitation velcro onto the backing plate and a FAVI FE02RF-BL2.4GHz Keyboard. This keyboard has a dedicated usb dongle to allow easy setup. I had initially messed around with a similar bluetooth keyboard, but getting it to reliably pair with the Raspberry Pi on boot was taking a significant amount of time.

Lots of pictures below.

Boom arm Retraction:

Mounting to the powerglove:

(Please ignore the green button in the image below. As I took these photos after the fact, I forgot to remove it while I took these photos. I'll explain it in a later post)

Backing plate, and velcro mounting the keyboard:

Fully attached boom arm and keyboard:

Next, we will add a temporary on/off switch, fit an arduino micro into the existing wrist unit, and put all of the code together!