• Sound Sample Video (low D tuning)

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  • Build Photos

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    I have been very bad at recording videos as I have been working on this instrument, but I do have some photos.  Here they are, more or less in reverse chronological order.  Enjoy:

    Pre-bridge gluing:

    Finishing (gloss finish, prior to using steel wool to make it an even satin)

    Detail of the back joints + purfling miters

    Cutting binding + purfling channels.  I actually ended up doing things a bit differently than it shows here... I didn't end up using spool clamps to maintain height, instead I taped a shim to the router table right beside the bit and rested the body on that.

    I used a 5 bar Torres bracing pattern:

    Not glued (the back goes on last), but verifying the fit prior to gluing the top on:

    The lumber I used for the back was 4.5" wide, so I didn't have enough for a 2 piece back.  Instead, I did a double book match and did some stripes on the outside ones.  I left the inner bookmatch alone to show off the white sapwood.

  • Sound sample video

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    Here's a sample of D3 G2/G3 B3 E4/E4 tuning: