PCB version 1.3

A project log for TheSixthSense

Develop an extra sense for a better orientation.

Sebastian FoersterSebastian Foerster 08/03/2015 at 16:370 Comments

I am afraid I am running a bit out of time for the quarter finals. :-/

I have received the PCB version 1.3 from OSH Park and cut down my old stencil in two parts to solder the most parts (especially the LGA-16 package) in my reflow oven. It looks complicated but it was working like a charm! The hinted pasting process:

My mouser order was arriving right in time and I added the new push button, main power switch, fuse and micro-match connector.

I spend half an hour to try to fiddle the micro-match connectors together until I was realizing that I have ordered a micro-match ribbon connector for direct soldering. Unfortunate, but then again it was my first project with micro-match parts.

Obviously wrong for TheSixthSense project:

Correct (but must be a 16 pin type):

I was also adding two cutted 90° pin-headers for the battery connection. The battery fits well but must be hold with a zipties in place since I haven’t designed a well fitting case. The new colorful ribbon cable with the vibration motors looks a bit like art.

I hope I will receive my new mouser order tomorrow and can start with the 2 minutes video for the contest and more importantly, I could test the new software functions, like starting the calibration process with the new push button interaction.