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Arduino based rocket telemetry unit with 2.4Ghz downlink and eeprom storage

vcazanvcazan 06/14/2015 at 14:130 Comments

It has been a few weeks since my last project log, so I thought I would share with you some updates to this project.

Since my initial launch, I launched another 3 rockets and gathered more data using my new protocol. This proved to be successful and has inspired me to create an interface for displaying this data after the launch. I will take my inspiration once again from the AltDuino project that does a wonderful job of displaying all data in one easy to read view:

Another update is that I purchased a much larger rocket to go higher in altitude. I will try and maintain the weight of the sensor unit the same though to ensure maximum altitude can be achieved the first launch.

As for the electronics, I made a mistake when purchasing EEPROMs and bought the 2kb version instead of the 256kb version. These new ones have finally arrived and I will be saving all the data that has been transmitted to the external EEPROM as well to ensure that if data loss occurs during launch I can retrieve it after landing.

Another feature I am debating is an auto launch command that would ignite the fuse with a serial command sequence. I also wanted to have a way to verify ignition has occur ed so I purchased a tiny mic that will measure sound. It is very loud when the motor launches so I will be able to "confirm" launch with that sensor and my baro. This may or may not be legal so I will double check to make sure.

There would be a ground based launch station with a 12v boost that would take a signal from the arduino to launch, but I will need a way to unteather at least two wires from the rocket and launch station when launch occurs, so I am still working out this.

I plan on launching the larger rocket within the next week or so and I will post pictures and data when I do.