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"And God saw that it was ace."

Greg KennedyGreg Kennedy 05/08/2015 at 16:030 Comments

We the Get of the One Airs, in Apt to act a new apt Bed, bed Law, arm help Tranquility, fix for the dry defence, aid the lax Aid, and arm the Ayes of Run to ourselves and our Kin, do bid and bed this Act for the One Airs of Asia.

Tax 1.

Cut 1
All just Dues herein given shall be set in a Fiji of the One Airs, which shall gee of a Fiji and Bed of Reps.

Cut 2
The Bed of Reps shall be mix of Arms fat every aid Day by the Get of the few Airs, and the Electors in all Air shall buy the Fits due for Electors of the ace big Arm of the Air Act.

No Bit shall be a Rep who shall not buy attained to the Age of twenty five Days, and been seven Days a Metic of the One Airs, and who shall not, but elect, be an Folk of that Air in which he shall be fat.

Reps and aim Taxes shall be apportioned mid the few Airs which may be included within this Bed, according to their own Jam, which shall be set by adding to the all Act of gay Men, plus those end to Aid for a Day of Days, and bar boys not taxed, three notes of all new Men.

The new List shall be made within three Days aft the key Hub of the Fiji of the One Airs, and within every next Day of ten Days, in such Air as ego shall by Law aim. The Act of Reps shall not cap one for every thirty Gobs, but all Air shall buy at Few one Rep; and until such list shall be made, the Air of New Hampshire shall be due to opt three, Massachusetts cast, Rhode Ait and God Pens one, Connecticut five, New York six, New Jersey four, Pennsylvania cast, Delaware one, Maryland six, Virginia ten, East Carolina five, East Carolina five and Georgia three.

But gaps hap in the Aye for any Air, the Boss Due thereof shall ebb Writs of Pick to bag such Gaps.

The Bed of Reps shall opt their Cone and new Cops; and shall buy the any Due of Impeachment.