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A project log for Home automation using RF mesh network and arduino

Creating home automation sensors and controllers that can be used around the house forming a mesh network for communication

LewisLewis 05/10/2015 at 22:441 Comment

The very first version of the sensor has now been built. I use the term sensor loosely as it is currently not sensing anything as it is just an arduino and an RF transceiver. I will be adding more sensors to it in the next few days now that I know that the very basic version of the mesh network works as well as improving the sensors.

I have also been looking around at some of the other projects on here for inspiration for lighting control. I have changed my design from a rotary encoder control to a glass covered circuit with capacitive buttons and an OLED two line display. A simple touch will turn the light on or off, at least until I can find an easy way to dim lights. Other functions of the control will include temperature, music control and a room to room intercom.

More updates will be coming soon...


Lewis wrote 05/11/2015 at 18:25 point

After looking around for a reasonably priced OLED display I am thinking about a backlit 2x16 line LCD display instead. Also I am looking into ways of powering the units as there is no power in light switches, just a live and switched live.

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