A project log for PICxie

An ultra-portable development kit for Microchip Technology microcontrollers!

crypto-neoCrypto [Neo] 06/23/2015 at 00:190 Comments

So we got the new ICs today and immediately switched out the PIC18F26J50 that was bad with a new one and we now have USB! YAY! Unfortuantely we hit another snag because for whatever reason, when our code is compiled with MPLabX it will not run when loaded on PICxie. The bootloader comes up fine, and we can load it, and it verifies perfectly. But PICxie just sits there.

If we build the EXACT same code but use MPLab v8.92 everything works fine, we're not really sure whats going on, but until we get it resolved we're going back to MPLab v8.92 so we can actually get some demos going!