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A project log for Blackbox - Tool Changing 3D Printer

high-end open-source printer with a water-cooled tool changer.

marc-schmannMarc Schömann 05/25/2018 at 13:410 Comments

Disassembly was quick and easy, assembly turned out to be quite flawless also. 

The XY Axis is in place but the belt i ordered is a few cm too short, dumb mistake, now im waiting for longer one.

Belt reduction on the Z-Axis works really well. But it´s currently just a 1:5 reduction. Im waiting for a 64t pulley to achive 1:10 but i might need to add a tackle mechanism to achive a 1:20 reduction in order to hold the bed. Currently the bed is falling down pretty fast, i hope a 1:20 reduction will do the trick.