Retro Modules v1.1 Proposal Released

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WilliamWilliam 11/19/2020 at 04:540 Comments

Here's the proposed update!

There aren't that many revisions, thankfully. Lots of new additions, but not too many changes from Version 1.0. Most protocols used by Retro Modules work well without any sort of router managing traffic. These few proposed changes are to help increase the probability of Retro Modules working well together.

Modules using DE-9 or 2x5 headers can now easily request power by connecting one of the contacts to common. Previously this functionality could only be found on larger connectors.

Audio-related modules can now utilize up to four line-level contacts. Two channels could be used for music & two for experiments. Two channels could be used for sending audio & the other two for returning processed audio (e.g. an audio effects processor module with stereo aux send & return).

There are a few new header specifications, such as a 4x4 palindromic header & a 3-contact keyed power connector with 1-Wire Data (for temperature sensors, etc).

This proposal will be merged in about 30 days as-is if there are no objections. Stay tuned! Printed PCB's in the works...