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A project log for VerilogBoy - GameBoy on FPGA

A Pi emulating a GameBoy sounds cheap. What about an FPGA?

Wenting ZhangWenting Zhang 04/10/2019 at 00:040 Comments

Hi all,

It has been another 2 weeks since my last update. A lot of things are going on for this project:

The USB host stack is working, with working USB HID driver and USB Mass Storage Driver

The refactored VerilogBoy CPU is working now, passing all unit tests from the first revision, plus Blargg's CPU test.

These two together, means there are some games actually running on the machine:

I am planning to do a writeup about the USB, and in the future maybe unit test, but currently, most important:

I will be doing a demo of VerilogBoy at VCF SE during Apr 27-28 and LatchUp during May 4-5.

I am also going to give a talk about this project at LatchUp.

So now the top priority for me is to get these things right, means I would probably not have time to write something here. Anyway, thanks for reading this quick update, and hope to see you guys at VCF SE and LatchUp!