Schematic and PCB Design

A project log for Smart Battery, Smarter Power Pack

Fast Charging. Charge your portable devices. Use it as a UPS for your BeagleBone/Pi/Home WiFi Network. Or an emergency laptop power source.

Kumar, AbhishekKumar, Abhishek 09/02/2015 at 20:530 Comments

All right, I spent some time drawing the schematics and ultimately realized that designing the full board, I won't apparently make it to the semi-final deadline with all the fabrication delays. So for the first part, I'm just designing a board with the bq24725a with the complete charging circuit and I'd be using a STM32Discovery board for doing the monitoring of this charger for now so that I can quickly prototype this. If the circuit makes it to the next round, it will probably be more polished and integrated into one set.

Here's how it looks in 3D render:

With this prototype I should be able to charge some laptop batteries. Once I am able to do that, I'll move on to the central controller.

And because I'm gonna fabricate this using toner transfer so messed around with GIMP to create A4 size tiled sheets of the artwork so that I can get 8 tries in a single paper print.