SAM D21E/R21E board package 1.7.9, new hardware features

A project log for FemtoBeacon

The smallest wireless IMU - Dime sized, ARM Cortex M0+ with 9-DoF IMU, temperature and altimeter. Supports ZigBee and Mesh networking.

femtoduinofemtoduino 01/26/2018 at 21:420 Comments

I've released a few more examples: RGB LED + Wireless Mesh for FemtoBeacon, and FemtoUSB RGB LED + Push buttons.

FemtoBeacon coin r2.0.7 supports USB Host mode. Both the coin and dongle now support switching between an on-board SMD Omnidirectional Antenna, and a uFL connected antenna. The coin and dongle both have an RGB LED.

I've added Blender 3D case models, with corresponding STL files for 3D printing (works well with Cura slicer)

I am finalizing sourcing of the parts necessary to have Small Batch Assembly make a batch of 100 coins and 100 dongles. It should be about two weeks or less before I send everything to the assembly line.