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Develop robust and affordable advanced sensing capability for 20,000 weather stations in Africa (lightning, precip water, ...)

nick-van-de-giesenNick van de Giesen 09/21/2015 at 12:130 Comments

As this is a very first attempt at 3D printing, the results are quite nice. We used a Da Vinci Junior 1.0A that uses PLA for its prints. The first time, the two halves of the box fitted nicely, as did all the 'innards' of the box. Some minor modifications will be needed to make the assemblage of the complete box a bit easier but in general the shape is there.

The image shows the built in PCB with ThunderClick and battery holder. The GPS is fitted in the top part of the housing, on which there is a slot for the small solar cell. This first try warped a little bit but later today we hope to receive a black version, to make the solar cell less conspicuous, from a professional printer. The dimensions are 11x11x5cm.