Modded XBOX w/ RGB CRT Projector Hack

Video Gaming on the Big Screen. I wanted to use my Vintage CRT RGB Projector with the Original XBOX

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A while back I was given a big heavy Sony CRT Projector from the late 80s. Has Composite Video input and RGB @ 15khz Sync. I also have a heavily modded original XBOX that plays all the old classic video games and we play it alot. However using composite video looked like garbage on the projector. Modding the XBOX i knew that the EU version could output RGB over scart. All I had was an XBOX component cable breakout box. A quick google search revealed the pinouts and the settings to get it outputting RGB @15khz. So I cracked open the composite breakout box and started testing with my multimeter. To get RGB working on a North American XBOX you have to short Pins 17 and 19 to ground. If you want it in PAL Mode Short 17-18 to ground. Once I did that, the component ports instantly became RGB and the Composite Port became Composite Sync. Success It works. Mario In Glorious RGB Color on the CRT Projector. So thats all there is to it. Kids are happy GF is happy.
  • 1 × XBOX Component Video Breakout Box Component Breakout Box For Original XBOX
  • 1 × CRT Projector
  • 1 × BNC to RCA Adapters
  • 1 × Original XBOX
  • 1 × RCA Cables

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