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A project log for Wireless Flux Capacitor

A networked flux capacitor status indicator.

BeamsjrBeamsjr 03/31/2014 at 23:180 Comments

I re-cut the base with acrylic and painted the back black, I think it looks much better than what I had before. I still haven't got down the right speed on the cnc for acrylic, I get a little bit melted plastic around the bit which scuffs the edges. I assume I have the router speed to high.  It looks worse in the photo than it does in real life. Most of it is covered up in the case anyway. Here is a pic of the base and arms.  

Then I threw together the top part of the case and cut it out of MDF, a little sanding and its ready for primer. 

I think im going to paint the case grey like the "real" flux capacitor. What do you think?