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A project log for A functional Stargate

It won't transport me, but it will transport something across vast distances

shlonkinshlonkin 04/25/2014 at 13:330 Comments

The contest is coming down to the last few days and the stargate is nearly complete. The gate itself is fully functional and is embedded in a stand. The software being written by dkopta now works, but needs a little more debugging. dkopta has also finished the audio part of the project(i.e. it plays sounds when the gate rotates and when chevrons engage). I will post another log tomorrow showing the nearly finished state of things and hopefully a short video of it in action. The code will also be available once it is finalized.

I have also put together a remote dialer, which I introduced way back at the beginning. It's based on this wireless 10-key:

It looks pretty much the same, but I painted the front bezel to match the gate and cover the label. Unfortunately, the electronics inside were not functional, so I gutted it and stuck in an ATMega328 microcontroller to read the keypad and control an IR LED. Here is an annoyingly small version of the schematic.

Here is the code: