​ 06.09.2015 – 3D printed box with logo

A project log for Sit.Up

Sitting for long periods has become more common in today’s life causing serious health issues. Sit.Up!

electrobobelectrobob 09/06/2015 at 14:320 Comments

I thought the project needs a custom box, nothing special. Since my 3D printer cannot print more than one colour, I had 2 alternatives to colour the embossed text on the box: markers and pause printing and swap filament. The double filament method makes it only possible to print the logo in a single colour, while colouring allows for multiple.

Here are the two box lids, side by side which one do you like better?


For the first option, I started with a white print, some markers and a bit of colouring, something i haven’t done in a while.