07/06/2015 : New test @ field

A project log for Autonomous video recording

This project goal is to developp an autonomous way of filming RC plane during flight without the need of a 2nd person to do it.

walker-ericWalker Eric 06/10/2015 at 12:500 Comments


I tweaked some things :

- Changed setting in the neo 6M GPS (pedestrian mode for example)

- Added HDOP GPS base value on the OLED while not tracking

- Switched IR control to another µC, a mini pro 5V wired to the last serial output available on the mega.

It allow to send the command start / stop / zoom that takes 90ms without slowing the MEGA that is making the GPS computation.

- Ordered 10HZ neo 8 GPS

I tested 3 flight with 30min idle positionning to be sure that the FIX is solid, however the HDOP value from tinygps++ was never belove 95 .. I need to contact the guy that did it to ask some questions.

It worked well !! I need to upload the video on youtube, this time the test subject was my EXTRA 300 78" (2m) from Extreme flight.

It showed also that I need to tune the tilt angle computed from altitude.