SQLite and Concurrency

A project log for Marauder's Map

A real life player tracking system, that will give users access to a map of everyone else in the area.

wahwahweewahhwahwahweewahh 04/03/2014 at 03:190 Comments

Just a little minor update this week. I have successfully integrated SQLite into the visualization program (C# - WinForms) as well as the Python script that handles reading the PC's serial port. Instead of writing serial port data to a file, the plan is to parse through strings of serial port data and push the data to a local SQLite database. The visualization program will read tuples from the database and begin processing. One of the fields in the database corresponds to a row identification number and will be used to tell the viz program where to read the next tuple. Since the viz program knows the last row that was read, I can perform a query to only (SELECT * FROM Data WHERE rowID > currentRow;) get rows that have been added after. If the result returns NULL, then we know there has been no new data added to the table.