Rough 3D desing

A project log for Advanced Stirling Radioisotope Generator

NASA cancelled this program in 2013 after spending USD260 Million. Lets see what we can do for USD260!.

mw-motorsMW Motors 07/08/2015 at 16:470 Comments

Below is a rough 3D design outlining most of the parts

On top of this will be a magnetic assembly (to produce electricity). Heat will be added to the the green bit at the bottom (Hot cap)...For test reasons, the heat source can be anything, we will use a candle or any flame for tests. But, longer term, we will use solar power. We have a really small dish we no longer use. We can cover this in tin foil for test purposes...

In the next project log, I will attempt to explain how this thing is supposed to work !.. It is fairly simple with a hot cap, displacer, planer spring, O ring, magnet assy on top...& a few other bits & pieces!. It will not be exciting to watch it because it will have no moving parts that are easily visible to the naked eye. I expect the displacement to be about 1 mm.. So, we will connect it to something like a LED array so results are visible....

For sure, we are not the first people to make one of these. We know of 2 other projects. A guy called Barumman has 7 videos about a very similar device. One at. These videos show us that such a device can work & show exceptional craftsmanship.

Also Igor Beletskiy has a wonderful device at You can even buy the plans for this device (& we did). The rough 3D at the top of the log is ours, not Igors. As a lot of what we are doing will be based on Igors plans, we can not open source this but Igors 3D plans are not expensive so, if we get the thing working, we will give a link to how to buy the base plans...