• xbmc on Raspbian

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    so after having to learn a lot about how to use VI and how to edit and save files using VI i was able to fallow this guide up to the part about installing xbmc 


    I am at the step of 

    The user which you're going to run XBMC as needs to be a member of the following groups:

    will be compelling the other steps tomorrow 

    I have had never used VI before sense i am a still very new to linux if you want to learn more about VI here are the guides i used 



  • Screenly Open Source Edition

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    my next test in the Rasberry pi slide show is this build of Raspbain 


    I am testing the open sources version but once again this means we need to have a network connection in the room i like this one the best so far because i can add more images and can likely build a scripted to update the images but will need to wait until im sure that the network is up and running in the room. I am using the open sources version because I don't want to have to use the web version 


  • xbmc

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    The simplest answer to this project is to use xbmc or openelec but i really wanted to try something with more of a Raspbain 

    type layout because it has much more that can be loaded for future projects so after trying xbmc i decide to install XBMC to Raspbain using this guided but have had no lock 


  • Digital sign

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    Next i found this build of Raspbain that is a digital sign that i really though would do the the trick. however there is both a paid version and a free version and the free version is very limited in what it can do so this is also a no go http://www.binaryemotions.com/raspberry-digital-signage/faq.html