SD works!

A project log for Foofy Weensy - Teensy + ESP8266

A Teensy development board which includes a ESP8266 and Lipo charger.

Stephen EdwardsStephen Edwards 07/05/2015 at 03:201 Comment

Built a new one with SD card and it works!

ESP is reading the SD card nicely.

New board seems to be bug free. Party time.

Now the question is, should I attach the Teensy Side to the SD card and thus the ESP8266 via SPI as well. This may mean I will have to change to a 6 layer board.

Next task. Indigogo project, lets see what the maker community make of this, see If I can sell 1000 units. Current price looks around $39 (NZD) so $26USD at current exchange rate.


ceremona wrote 08/25/2015 at 23:55 point

Can't wait!

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