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alvarolbalvarolb 08/13/2015 at 15:310 Comments

I have been working on the Arduino Libraries and testing them in several devices to mainly evaluate the connection stability with the cloud platform. Now I can say that the clients are enough stable to be used in real maker projects, so you will be able to create your own IoT projects very soon.

At this moment, the tested devices which are straightforward to connect are ESP8266, Arduino Ethernet, Arduino Wifi, Arduino Yun, Arduino + Adafruit CC3000, and Texas Instruments CC3200 (with Energia). All of those devices are programmable over the Arduino IDE, and can be controlling lights, relays, or sensing the environment in less than a minute.

Even more, the Arduino libraries are available from the Library Manager, so you can install them directly with your Arduino IDE.

I will post soon more project logs to tell you something about the community forum, and how to getting beta access to the platform.