UART matrix

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Stefan LochbrunnerStefan Lochbrunner 01/24/2016 at 20:430 Comments

TLDNR: See schematics and board below or on GitHub.

I often end up making custom cables to connect various devboards like the #Ignore this ESP8266 board, an Arduino Pro Mini or a HC-05 bluetooth module to my CP2102 USB serial converters. Ok, the Pro Mini is actually 1-to-1 compatible but the point is that they all have a different pinouts.

It's not that big of a deal with cables like these but it made me think that a small adapter board might be useful. Designing such a board for each of the above doesn't really solve the problem so I need one board that can be made to fit all:

I guess by now it's pretty clear how I arrived at the name but of course the board is not limited to UART but can also be used to fan-out (or -in) other signals like an I²C bus or distributing power.