The Maths

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Urban Farm Automated Robotic Management $1 million per year in less than 500 sq ft of production

tlankford01tlankford01 05/25/2016 at 10:150 Comments

We make a bold claim in the title of this project, "$1000000 per year in production in less than 500 sq ft. I am going to break down the math and show that at about 70% efficiency these numbers are possible with mid to high value crops. We are going to base these numbers off of sunflower sprouts but there are higher value sprouts and herbs, such as, basil, broccoli or watercress.

1 tray = 10 inch x 20 inch = 200 inch = .694 square feet

720.6 trays = 500 square feet

12 oz per tray yield x 1500 trays per week = 18000 oz

18000oz @ $1.00 per ounce wholesale = $18000 per week.

18000 per week x 52 weeks = $936,000 for a single years production