hubs = geodesic domes made simple

Simple to snap together joints that make durable wooden geodesic domes easy to build and adapt.

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We started out making a dome with some discarded chestnut fence-posts, metal eyelets, coarse string, copious amounts of glue and a large jig about 4 years ago. Fun but complicated. Then experimented with (lots of) 3D printed hub designs using a Solidoodle to make the construction process easier and hubs were born.

They work with any wood and the size of the dome is determined by stick lengths. The dome structure is also adaptable as the hubs allow a wide range of angles. So you could adapt it to have an igloo-like entrance for example. Hopefully a start-point for people to make all sorts of domes (and adaptions) for all sorts of uses. There's also a 3/8s scale version which we made to test building approaches and adaptations which works with paper straws which is quite cool.

We're crowdfunding soon on Kickstarter soon to get from our prototypes to production and hope there might be some like-minded people on hackaday who might be interested.

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