Star Drogue

A project log for High Power Experimental Rocket Platform

Experimental high power rocket with active stabilization, live telemetry, autonomous GPS guided recovery and HD video

j-m-hopkinsJ. M. Hopkins 01/31/2016 at 20:420 Comments

This last week we suffered through a blizzard, so I took the time to create another color matching drogue parachute.

It is a 15", 5 gore, 25% hemispherical parachute with a 2" spill hole.

The pattern utilizes black orange and white in a star pattern.

With decorative piping and lots of sewing.... All the seams were competed with full French fell seams, with a hatched stretch stitch to hold it all together.

Termination of the shroud lines was by sewing onto nylon strapping with a quick link.

In the air it came out quite nicely.

And here's the long term storage bag.