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MIDI autonomous music box

JulienJulien 02/21/2016 at 19:571 Comment

After a small revision to the board, I finally ordered it on OSHPark. The revision includes a new stereo pot to control headphone and speaker output volume. I changed the micro USB SMD connector with a through hole mini USD because I had to resolder the SMD part multiple times. Finally I added the possibility to have a functionnal board without optional speaker/amp and battery parts.

Once populated and soldered I discovered that I can't get the initial firmware to work... I originally used mbed but after trying for some hours I couldn't get it working. I imagine that I changed something in mbed directly but impossible to find it out. So I decided to change platform from mbed to libopencm3 plus atomthreads and make a new firmware (almost) from scratch. It was actually a great experience which take only a few hours and new firmware is better than the original one.

New firmware and Eagle schematics and board design are available on a new github repository.


tedysuwarnadysoleh wrote 07/04/2018 at 08:46 point

how to add port  5 pin midi jack for input and  name of gm patch list name on lcd 

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