Red Light

A project log for Photographic Time Journey

Extend Time-lapse video to a further time scale.

MuthMuth 06/25/2015 at 08:450 Comments

Ideally, what I would like to achieve is a video sequence "Time-lapse" over a year, where each days lasts around 4 seconds. Seeing the sun traveling through the sky as it is a shooting start, trees growing, loosing their leaves, and so on. The night as well, seeing rotating stars, traveling moon.

I made a test with my actual setup, a raspberry pi and the raspberry camera. The auto-exposure in addition with the leveling after the stacking give a wide dynamic range. For the moon, everything works like a charm:

The picture is a stack of 120 images overs 10min. The raspberry is behind a window. We have the nice motion blur on the moon trajectory, but we start to see the problem of either being behind a window or the rasperry camera :

The bright red led on the front of the camera module saturate nearly the whole image with the window glass reflection. But still, we can see few start trail getting out of the noise. Another problem appearing is the 'hot' corner of the sensor on the bottom right. To be continued.